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8 Things You Will Forget When Moving Home

Does this sound familiar... You’re moving home. You’ve packed up the entire living room, kitchen, bathroom, conservatory and your kids. You think that you’re all sorted for the big day but in the back of your mind you still have that feeling, what did I forget to pack?

There are several things to consider when moving home, more than usual many things often get overlooked- or just neglected.

Here is a reminder of important things that you should include when packing:

  • Personal Records

Okay, more often than not you would think this is common sense, but you’d be surprised how significant and forgotten items are personal records. These include dental records, medical records, veterinarian, and birth certificates.

  • Keys! Keys! Keys!

Of course, your house keys are the first thing you would pick up before moving. However, depending on your house you can have many sets of keys other than just the front and back door. This can include the garage, shed, attic, windows, safe keys, cabinet keys etc. Make sure you recover all your keys as it will save time later on.

  • Valuables

Jewellery, gold and other tangible assets are sometimes overlooked as they are usually well hidden and in protected areas of your house. Make sure you double count all of your expensive/ value items packed before you begin your move.

  • Food

Food is the most common thing you may forget about when moving. It can also be so easy to forget to think about food on moving day, especially when you’re so busy! It’s important to plan meals ahead of time, what you will be eating so you won’t have to waffle to decide at the last minute, especially when you’re already so occupied.

  • Pack a travelling bag

Pack a travelling bag for each member of the house to be kept with them at all times during the move. Keep your essential travelling items in there so you don’t worry about unpacking straightaway. 

Here are some things you may need to include: Medicine, Phone Chargers, Toothbrush, Toiletries, Snacks

  • Tools

This is referring to a variety of household tools such as hand tools – hammers, nails and screws. Gardening tools that may be located outside your house/ in the shed. Ensure that you gather all of your tools and place them in a toolbox, that is portable, easy to carry and is organised correctly.

  • Let your employers know

Approximately 30% of us forget to let our employers know about our new home address. This may seem simple, given you are there every day but it’s more commonly the most obvious thing that is easiest to forget.

  • Mail / Bills

When moving house, a common mistake people tend to make is NOT informing the post office of their change of address. Not doing this will result in important documents/ parcels being sent out to your old address. You will not be able to get a hold of your important bills and other mail.

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