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How to Relocate Your Business Effectively 

You’ve found the perfect new location for your business, however, you now have the dreaded task of relocating your office. This can seem like a daunting and lengthy process, so here are our top tips on how to make your office relocation as easy and seamless as possible.

Create A Plan

Although it sounds obvious, creating a detailed timeline and plan can be a great way to reduce any concerns and ensure everyone knows exactly what is happening when. We’d recommend ensuring you plan with dates, times, resources and any particular people that are involved at each stage. Outlining from early on can stop any problems in the long run and can indicate where you might need any help. 

Book Your Movers Early

It might seem much easier to do it all yourself or to wait until later on but the earlier you book your movers the better. Naturally, hiring a team of experts will mean there will be less hassle and stress than doing the packing and moving by yourself. If you’re storing any sensitive data files, we would suggest moving them to a secure storage facility during the move.

Reduce Any Potential Downtime

As with any situation, you are going to do everything you can to have no downtime or to keep it to a bare minimum. So, ensuring your internet and phone provider is aware of your move and scheduled to be set up at your new address can decrease the chances significantly. During the packing of electricals, label everything in a clear system so it’s understood by anyone who is setting up.

Answer Any Questions & Continue to Communicate

Ultimately, the biggest piece tip we’d provide is to establish clear and open lines of communications from the very beginning to well after the move is completed. If you are a customer-facing business then inform them in advance of your moving dates and new address and provide an active phone line should they need to speak to anyone. Finally, keep employees in the loop with all changes happening.

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